Sexual wellness

Find the solution to  erectile dysfunction with high quality and effective supplements, sprays, gel and also penis enlargement pills that have been proven to work effectively. This section also features pheromone best known for helping you attract instantly the opposite sex or/and improving  relationship with your partner. Look around this section to find out what you need 


When you are ready to take your bedroom game to the next level Promescent® Delay Spray will get you there. 2000+ healthcare professionals recommend it to anyone looking to build confidence and last longer in bed with their partner.

Try this climax-control spray that's clinically proven to help you have longer-lasting, more enjoyable intimacy. Each bottle of Promescent comes standard with a metered-dose spray, delivering exactly 10mg of lidocaine per spray.

VitaFLUX™ is a powerful supplement that is proven to perform well when it comes to sexual well-being. It is an amazing supplement created to allow men experience stronger, firmer erections and higher libido it also increases natural lubrication and orgasm satisfaction in women. Vita FLUX is good for improving sex life for both women and men.

Erectile dysfunction remedie spray

Discover the secret to attract instantly the opposite sex with this world's top pheromone. Guarranted best results

Pheromone for instant attraction

Highest concentration  of sexual pheromone used by men to enhance sexual drive

Pheromone for sexual attraction

This  highly effective pheromone is used by women to enhance attractiveness. Click to learn more

Condom for healthy sex

Maral Gel is a gel that is used for  fast and safe penis  enlargement. When using Maral gel you are guaranteed to enjoy 4 cm longer  penis, 60% thicker penis, stable and potent erections anytime day or night, better orgasms and longer lasting sex, 3x better endurance in bed 

Intimate toy cleaner by Kiiroo.

Have sex comfortably with these Ultra thin condoms


AQUADISIAC Sexy Perfume 10 ml Seducing fragrance with bright and sensual notes. Designed to enhance the attractiveness by increasing the synthesis of pheromones.


Fizzy pills XTRA ZEX - it's a natural herbal complex for increased potency, aimed at strengthening men's erection, increase endurance and sexual intercourse prolongation. For it’s efficiency it’s called “liquid Viagra”


Titan Gel Gold is the number one choice for porn stars. With Titan Gel gold you will experience powerful libido, your penis will be 5cm long and you will experience a more stable erection after the first application in 87% of cases. 


Joker is a powerful stimulating powder that is used by women to boost libido, increasing comfort during sex , moisture etc 


Discover ErogenX and guarantee every woman amazing orgasm and sex for hours.

Penis enlargement is one of the many advantages of Erogen X. Thanks to the product, you can also enjoy a stone erection and increase your sexual performance to give your partner a long and strong orgasm. 


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